roman martin charity

Dr. Lucy Miller with Jane and Roman Martin

Roman dedicates all of the funds that he raises to The SPD Foundation.  Here is how he came to that decision.  Roman did research on a variety of charitable causes. “I looked at issues like homelessness, poverty, illiteracy, physical disabilities, education and emerging medical issues,” recalls Roman. After much research, the charity he chose hit close to home.

“Our family has been impacted by sensory-related issues,” said Roman, “and I’ve learned that it is far more common among America’s youth than most people realize.” After looking at many different charities, Roman was impressed with the work at The SPD Foundation. “Led by Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, The SPD Foundation has done so much to help put Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) on the map and help thousands of children and families like ours that are impacted by SPD.” The next step was to update his Play For Others team and coordinate having the monies directed to The SPD Foundation, which Roman did in early 2013.