Roman Martin is U.S.-based soccer player.  What is unique is his journey and his willingness to help others.  It started with an international trip to Brazil in the summer of 2011.  In 2012, Roman followed up his South American tour with two trips to Europe where he played in England and made a separate trip playing for a Brazilian club in Spain, Portugal, Finland and Sweden.  Moreover, in the summer of 2013, Roman toured Europe again playing for famed Clube Pequeninos do Jockey from São Paulo, Brazil. In total, at the age of 16, Roman has played over 70 games in Europe.

roman martin soccer

In many ways, it was those experiences that led Roman to start a charity to help America’s youth.   “I think the original idea came from my realization of how fortunate I have been,” said Roman.  “Playing internationally has given me a lifetime of experiences.  Recognizing that was the first step toward turning the sport I love into a platform that allows me to help others.” Roman’s charity is called Play For Others. Before his high school season, Roman walked neighborhoods in San Diego gathering pledges to support his program. By joining the Play For Others team, donors committed to fund a charity designated by Roman based on the number of goals he scored during his high school soccer season.

After gathering his pledges, he created a spreadsheet to track all of his team members and used e-mail to send updates and even videos from time to time on his season. “It was really all intended to be fun,” said Roman Martin. “I wanted everyone involved to be able to follow our season at La Jolla Country Day School and really feel like they were part of our team.”

Before finishing high school, Roman has made a commitment to raise $50,000 for The SPD Foundation.